International Fighting Arts Federation
The International Fighting Arts Federation (American Hiep Tinh Mon Karate System) founded by  Master Dwayne Eaddy creates a truly  
democratic approach in the unification of all  affiliated martial arts schools and instructors; To stimulate interest in the various martial artist
and the general public as an "Art”;  To establish and maintain relations with affiliated schools and other authentic  martial arts organizations;
To conduct martial  arts  clinics upon request in an effort to make all members aware of martial arts techniques; To encourage IFAF members
to contribute information, news pictures, etc., on any martial arts matter to the organization Director, so this information may be brought to
the public eye for the betterment of this organization ; To launch a program within the IFAF designed to encourage friendship on a personal
basis between and among martial artist; To standardize rank promotions, teaching, judging methods and Hiep Tinh Mon techniques; To ensure
that compliance with our policy to allow all IFAF officers and members shall be welcome to train for free at all of IFAF affiliated schools policy to
allow all IFAF officers and Rank   Membership    Certificates and Dues   Members   Bylaws   Constitution   Schools members shall be welcome to
train for free at all of IFAF affiliated schools; To seek and comfort those dedicated individuals who have been wronged or mistreated by
politically motivated martial arts organizations, with an invitation to join the IFAF in the spirit of friendship, understanding and cooperation
and genuine love for the martial arts. Bonds of esteem and respect, with devotion to IFAF ideals shall hopefully be achieved through this
program which will ultimately lead to a continuing surge of organizational strength, expansion and cooperation.