International Fighting Arts Federation
The International Fighting Arts Federation shall prepare uniformed certificates of rank and advancement that shall be used by all schools, instructors and
members within this organization and issued to IFAF members only.  All certificates shall be made out by the T.A.C and forwarded to the proper authorities.

All applications for membership or affiliation with IFAF shall be sent to IFAF Headquarters.

Membership: 50.00
Affiliated School: 100.00
Association Charter: 150.00
Grandmaster Instructor License Certification: 250.00
Senior Master Instructor License Certification: 200.00
Master Instructor License Certification: 150.00
Instructor License Certification: 100.00
Assistant instructor Certificate: 50.00

Each time an instructor advances in rank, he/she shall receive a new Instructor certificate for 25.00.

Additional copies of certificates may be purchased at the following prices:

Dan Degree Certificates: 25.00
Que Grade Certificates: 10.00
Membership Certificates: 10.00
Assistant Instructor Certificates: 15.00
Instructor License Certificates: 50.00
School Charter Certificates: 50.00
Association Charter Certificates: 50.00
Officer Position Certificates: 25.00

Testing Fees

Que belt test fees are up to the individual Dojo to set.

Prices for the certificates from IFAF Headquarters (not including Shipping and Handling)

Que Belts: 20.00       
1st Dan: 100.00
2nd Dan:125.00         
3rd Dan: 150.00
4th Dan: 175.00
5th Dan: 200.00
6th Dan: 225.00
7th Dan: 250.00
8th Dan: 300.00  
9th Dan: 350.00
10th Dan: 400.00

Extra IFAF patches may be purchased from IFAF headquarters for $10.00.

The IFAF Constitution and By-laws may be purchased from IFAF headquarters for $35.00.

All prices and fees are subject to change without notice.